Our program is popular with the kids because it is FUN! And parents love to see their kids develop physical coordination, flexibility, self-defense skills combined with mental confidence, respect, self-discipline, and self-motivation. Your kids will come back having done things they thought they could never do with the urge to explore their growing abilities further. Each will bring exciting new lessons that culminate in an open house where your child can invite friends and family to join in and celebrate as they achieve a new belt!

We help children cement a strong positive attitude early on which sets the stage for a success for their entire lives.

We teach the mental fundamentals of true martial arts, enabling kids to build core character qualities while practicing Tae Kwon Do in a safe, friendly and fun environment.
  1. Maria

    Child 14…..inquiries on the summercamp program

    • admin

      you can call us at 718-994-4300.
      we start the summer camp on 6/29.

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